Preventive check
Preventive check

Our company is proactive in verifying the correct fit and stability of the acrylic shaft of 8880-3C, 8880-5C, 8880-7C, 8880-5P, 8880-6P, purchased from the company's facilities from the end of June until December 2018 (2nd semester), following individual reports that we accepted about the stability of the acrylic stem on the support base. 

Customers that have purchased those products could contact us on the telephone number 0030 2310 473601, in order to to carry out a preventive check on the correct fit and stability of the acrylic stem and if necessary, to initiate the repair or change of the product.

We inform our customers that there is no other issue with regard to the functioning, the quality of construction and the overall performance of the above lighting fixtures.


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